Hand cake production line

Hand cake production line

Product Details

Moon cake machine manufacturer Hefei Sanle-SLSZB-168 hand grip cake production line

Product features: The production line only needs to automatically feed the stirred dough into the noodle hopper from the conveyor belt, which is rolled, rolled, thinned, stretched and stretched into a thin skin, and then brushed with oil, sprinkled with green onions and spices. The series process is rolled into a spiral shape after molding. You can also use a flattening laminating machine to press the upper and lower cakes of the molding machine into cake embryos. The entire production adopts PLC and touch screen control system. The components are all international famous brands to ensure product stability. It is reliable, greatly improves the production efficiency, and the degree of automation reaches the international advanced level. The production is applied to hand cakes, onion cakes, crepes, and other types of cake skin products.

model ZLSZB-168
Productivity 3600-6000 / hour
Product output 50-150g / piece
power 10kw
Machine weight About 3000kg
Dimensions 21000 × 1300 × 2100mm


Basic requirements for installation and use

In order to give full play to the functions of our company's equipment and better serve customers, the technical parameters and installation requirements of the equipment are described as follows:

1. The total power of the equipment: 25Kw, the normal use load is about 18Kw, it needs to be equipped with a special electric control box and reliable grounding.

2. Net size of equipment appearance: 32m (length) * 1.5m (width) * 2.5m (height).

3. Equipment installation requirements:

a. Water, electricity, compressed air sources (above 0.4 MPa) are in place.

b. Avoid interference sources such as strong magnetic fields within three meters of the equipment.

c. There should be a space of no less than 1m around the equipment, and the top space should be no less than 0.4m .

4. Equipment use requirements:

a. The ambient temperature is lower than 25 ℃ and the relative humidity is lower than 65% dh.

b. The temperature at which the dough exits the tank is not higher than 30 ℃, and the temperature of the oil added by the oil dispenser is 30 ~ 42 ℃.

c. Product specifications: 120 g / piece (green embryo), output: 1000 kg / h. (The product size can be adjusted according to customer needs.)

2. Notes on daily use

1. The entire production line should be idle for 5 minutes before production every day, let the machine warm up, and check whether the oil temperature is appropriate.

2. When the device trips, do not force the switch to close, and find out the reason before using it; avoid damage to the device when the voltage is too large or too low.

3. The daily maintenance of the equipment is very important. It should be checked from time to time to check whether the belt is misaligned, whether the photoelectricity is blocked, and other daily phenomena. Periodically check whether the sprocket gear and other components that need to be lubricated are lack of oil.

Hand-made cake making process

Production process of hand cakes and scallion oil cakes: ingredients weighing → noodles (water temperature below 25 ° c for 4 minutes at high speed and 4 minutes at low speed for stirring) → come out to face → divide into pieces into the production line → hexagonal shaping (outlet with thickness around 20mm) → Rolling surface (gradually thinned to a thickness of about 1.5mm by four sets of rolling rollers) → stretch (transversely stretched to a translucent dough with a thickness of about 0.4mm) → brush up and down and fold green onion → Cooling conveyor tower → Cut-off → Automatic coiling → Loading trays and trays → Film forming → Quick freezing (about -30 ° c for about 2 hours) → Freezing (-18 ° c for more than 24 hours) → Packaging