Filling and filling machine

Filling and filling machine

Product Details

The price of the moon cake machine for the filling and filling machine is reasonable. Its product features are as follows:

SLBX series multi-function filling and filling automatic forming machine is a company that has more than ten years of experience in the production of filling and filling machines, and is carefully developed by integrating the advanced technology of domestic and foreign counterparts. It is used for mochi, wife cake, moon cake, pumpkin cake, crystal fruit, fish Packaging of single stuffing and stuffing products such as pill and Fuzhou pill. Double twisted dragon feed, vane pump, booster screw feed, shear forming, PLC and touch screen memory function; the components of the machine adopt internationally renowned brands to ensure stable and reliable products.


Productivity 1200-6000pcs / h
product weight 20-1800g / pc
Total power 3.2kw
Machine weight 670kg
Dimensions 1180 * 925 * 1620mm


If you need to taste more mooncakes, you should eat salty and then sweet to make these two mooncakes taste. If you have three kinds of moon cakes: sweet, salty and fresh, you should eat fresh taste first, then eat salty and sweet taste. If there are four types of moon cakes: sweet, salty, fresh and hot, you should eat fresh first, then salty, then sweet and hot.