Wuren filling machine

Wuren filling machine

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Product Features of Full Moon Cake Wrapping Machine :

SLJX series automatic filling machine is a complete set of automatic shortbread, burger, bun production line products, which can also be used alone. This machine is suitable for filling meat, vegetables, soy milk, five-core filling, syrup filling, chocolate, potato and other fillings. It is widely used in the pastry processing industry, such as pastries, bread, hamburgers and buns.


Generally speaking, traditional moon cakes such as jujube puree, bean paste, five kernels, and moon cakes have relatively low fat content. In addition, most of these cakes are filled with cereals and nuts, which are healthier and suitable for all kinds of people. Egg yolk moon cakes are rich in fat and low in cholesterol, but rich in nutrients and more suitable for children.

model SLBX-185
Productivity 2400-4800 / h
product weight 50-250g / piece
power 2.4kw
Machine weight 480kg
Dimensions 1020x1340x1440


The products of Hefei Sanle Company include: bread pastry series, moon cake pastry series, Chinese pastry series, etc. The equipment sells well in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and is exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.