Moon cake automatic forming machine

Moon cake automatic forming machine

Product Details

SLY-187 Automatic Mooncake Forming Machine This machine is suitable for food processing enterprises. It can shape various cake embryos such as mooncakes and pumpkin cakes into any geometric shape, and can also produce customized impressions based on customer needs. The mini cartoon shape, this machine is suitable for use in combination with the automatic moon cake machine multi-function automatic filling machine, also suitable for manual packaging of embryo cakes. Production efficiency: 20-60 pieces / min


Moon cake forming machine is affordable and has many advantages:

1. The moon cake forming machine adopts stainless steel platform, which meets the current sanitary standards.

2. Imported electrical and pneumatic components, according to user needs, the number of placed, the diameter of moon cakes, freely modify the parameters, automatically discharge moon cakes in the baking tray.

3. Imported high-quality motor with large torque and low noise

4. The safety interlocking device has automatic fault diagnosis, and the fault is displayed on the touch screen at a glance.

5. Electrical safety complies with national standard GB4706.38-2003 (equivalent to international standard IEC60335-264: 1997)

6. The moon cake forming machine is a foldable feeding plate and a receiving plate. The moon cake forming machine casters have a locking device. The moon cake automatic filling machine and the moon cake automatic forming machine. The moon cake automatic platting unit synthesizes a moon cake automatic production line with high automation. Increase productivity.

7. From the perspective of mechanical profession, the moon cake forming machine has a very important basic position.

8. Machinery is one of the five major elements (ie people, funds, energy, materials, and machinery) for production and service in modern society. When Marx talked about the industrial society, he said that the industrial society, especially the big industrial society, was the era when machines were produced by machines. Regardless of the various physical devices that are touched from life, such as electric lights, telephones, TVs, refrigerators, elevators, etc., all contain machine components or are included in a broad sense of machinery. From the perspective of production, various machine tools and automation equipment , Aircraft, ships, Shenwu, Shenliu, etc., are indispensable for machinery.

9. The moon cake forming machine has an easy-to-operate, concise and clear human-machine dialogue interface, which can store and store multiple product data for production under the same conditions again.

10. The moon cake forming machine is very versatile, and can also produce a variety of stuffed foods, such as wind pear cake, sandwich cake, pumpkin cake, soft-skin wife cake, modeling cake, soft pie dry, jujube cake, mochi cake, small pizza , Pies, mochi, red turtle fruit, rice balls, taro balls, meat balls, meat pie, Chaosi meatballs, meat pies, milk noodles, bean paste, grass cakes, sesame balls, hot pot ingredients, fish balls, Crystal balls, fish eggs, Fuzhou balls, colored fish balls, etc.

11. The filling of the moon cake forming machine is to put the reconciled noodles and the mixed filling into the noodle bucket and the filling bucket respectively, and start the switch. The machine automatically wraps the filling into the dough crust, and adjusts the input and output control switches. The kneaded flowers can be made into the required grams of products and sent out through the conveyor belt.

12. The moon cake forming machine can arbitrarily adjust the proportion of the skin filling, and can be configured with a filling device to produce a richer product.

Mooncake automatic molding machine