Automatic machine

Automatic machine

Product Details

Su-type moon cake machine SLP-186 row machine product features:

This series of products is the preferred equipment for food loading in the food production process. It is suitable for the automatic arrangement of various moon cakes, bread, pastries, midpoints, buns, buns, etc. The parameters can be set according to customer needs, and the products are neatly arranged Orderly, the machine is easy to operate, stable in work, and highly automated.

Productivity 180 pcs / min
power 1.8kw
Machine weight 400kg
Dimensions 1400x1400x1470mm


Mooncakes are rich in calories, fat, and sugar, and they must be eaten in moderation. The elderly eat only 1/4 block per meal, and no more than half a block. Puff pastry mooncakes are actually very unhealthy. Because the crispy layer needs a lot of fat, there is a lot of lard in this moon cake. To make matters worse, in order to increase the fragrance of the cake, many companies will add vegetable cream, which increases the content of trans fatty acids, which are more harmful to cardiovascular than cholesterol.


  SLP-186 Full- automatic Arrangement Machine This machine is a kind of product package, it is used for automatic arrangement of moon cakes, pumpkin cakes, mochi, crisp cakes, buns, bread and other products, according to customer needs, Freely modify the parameters (column number, row number), the products after the arrangement are neat and orderly, the machine is simple to operate, stable in work, and has a high degree of automation, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
Details of the manufacturer of the automatic arranging machine :

Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, reliable product quality and stable performance. The mechanical equipment involves the field of freezing and baking noodle products such as crisp cakes, mochi, buns, buns, dumplings, bread, moon cakes, etc. At the same time, it also retains the company's original liquid packaging equipment for dairy and beverages.