Cantonese moon cake production line

Cantonese moon cake production line

Product Details

Mooncake machine manufacturer Hefei Sanle Food Machinery-SLBX-190 Cantonese Mooncake Production Line Product Features:

1. Touch screen, frequency converter, servo control, computer storage data, simple operation;

2. It is suitable for the packaging of soft and hard fillings, with less nut breakage and less oil, after baking, the taste is crisp and loose, and the oil return is fast;

3. The moon cakes are measured accurately and the patterns are clear;

4. The position of the cake row is accurate without deformation;

Application: Cantonese moon cake, old moon cake, mochi, pineapple cake, peach cake, pumpkin cake, fancy cookie, etc.

Productivity 1200-5000 / hour
product weight 30-180g / piece
Total power 3.1kw
Machine weight 800kg
Dimensions 4700x1700x1520mm