Moon cake filling machine

Moon cake filling machine

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Mooncake machine SLBX-190 package filling machine features: modular design, for different types of filling, with different conveying mechanisms, a wide range of applications.

The traditional food for the Mid-Autumn Festival is moon cakes. Mooncakes are round, symbolizing reunion, reflecting people's desire to reunite with their families. Moon cakes from the Mid-Autumn Festival were handed down from the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, most people in the Central Plains could not endure the cruel rule of the ruling class of the Yuan Dynasty. Zhu Yuanzhang joined hands to prepare for the uprising. But the officers and men searched very closely, and this news was very difficult. Officer Liu Bowen came up with a plan and ordered the soldiers to hide the paper with the secret order "August 15 Uprising" in the cake, and then sent them to the uprising troops all over the country to tell them August 15. Day and night they responded to the uprising. On the day of the uprising, all the rebels united, and the sparks could start the prairie fire.