Encrusting machine

Encrusting machine

Product Details

Produced by cake maker— 189-packing machine

Product Details

The feed-in and filling-in mechanism adopts a twisted-cage structure, and can be controlled by frequency conversion, which can arbitrarily control the amount of surface and filling. Good operability and wide range of uses. It can produce various kinds of stuffed food according to different types of skin and stuffing. The structure is reasonable, and the closing forming, feeding and filling systems are driven by independent motors. It is not easy to break down, easy to maintain and clean, and meets hygienic requirements.

Mooncake automatic filling machine features:

【One】 Suitable for producing all kinds of moon cakes, especially those with hard or soft fillings.

【Two】 Unique electromechanical integration, double pneumatic power. When the cake weight is more or less than 15% of the rated weight, the font pattern is clear. Beautiful. No skirt legs

[Three] The whole appearance of the whole machine is encapsulated in stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene standards.

[Four] Imported motors. Electrical. Pneumatic components, durable.

Parameters of moon cake automatic filling machine:

【Model: SZ-63】

[Specifications: 30-40 pcs / min]

[Rated input power: 400W]

[Rated voltage: 220V]

【Rated frequency: 50Hz】

【Appearance size: 1870X530X1520mm】

【Net weight: 332kg】


Product Features

SLBX series multi-function filling and filling automatic forming machine is a company that has more than ten years of experience in the production of filling and filling machines, and is carefully developed by integrating the advanced technology of domestic and foreign counterparts. It is used for mochi, wife cake, moon cake, pumpkin cake, crystal fruit, fish Packaging of single stuffing and stuffing products such as pill and Fuzhou pill. Double twisted dragon feed, vane pump, booster screw feed, shear forming, PLC and touch screen memory function; the components of the machine adopt internationally renowned brands to ensure stable and reliable products.


Many manufacturers have launched fruit and vegetable mooncakes with the theme of "green health". For such mooncakes, doctors suggest that everyone should buy a brand manufacturer to ensure that they are genuine. But even so, it is still recommended to eat in moderation, because even if the filling is low-sugar fruits and vegetables, the moon cake skin is still rich in fat and oil.

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