Shortbread Forming Machine

Shortbread Forming Machine

Product Details

The product features of the SLBM-5 three-way rolling pastry multi-function forming unit, which is quite satisfactory as a pastry machine manufacturer :

1. The whole machine touch screen, photoelectric control, computer storage data, simple operation;

2. Fast production speed, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

3. Suitable for five cores and various soft and hard fillers.

The automatic snack machine consists of a rolling filling machine and a kneading machine. Compared with the ordinary dessert machine, the main unit of the machine integrates the roll-packing machine, making the whole machine more convenient and smooth. The entire unit is picked up with food contact parts.

Shortbread forming machine adopts high-quality stainless steel to ensure stable, reliable and hygienic production.

The surface is rolled and stretched by three pressure wheels and surface protection devices to make the surface more shiny and stable; each pressure wheel has a thickness adjustment device to set the thickness of the surface to increase or decrease the weight of the product; by the pressure wheel and rolling Device rolling.

There are electric eyes to control the speed between the thin devices, so that the working surface will not be damaged or blocked due to the transmission speed of the host is too fast or too slow; after the final press of a host, the working surface will fall on the conveyor belt of the host, through filling parts Filling; N through rollers and additives.

The roller rolls the leather into strips, opens the separate kneader and sets its cut-off length to determine the length, size and weight of the product. It has a synchronous speed regulation function and is more convenient to operate. Independent toolholders can replace different products with toolholders.

The knife holder is durable and easy to clean. The kneading machine is used to seal, reunite and shape the surface columns of the pastry made from the packed stuffing rolls, so that the thickness of the pastry is uniform and the hardness is stable. Imitate the hand-made, to ensure that the baking process is not affected, the appearance is smooth and smooth.

Scope of application:

Northeast cakes, Soviet moon cakes, mung bean cakes, wife cakes, meat muffins, hamburgers, sandwich breads, bean paste bags, buns, etc.

product weight 15 ~ 150g / piece
Production capacity 1000 ~ 6000pcs / hour
power 4.8kw
Dimensions 6000 × 1400 × 1600mm
Wheel width 80 ~ 280mm can be customized
Machine weight 620kg


As a traditional snack in Shaanxi Province, shortbread not only tastes delicious, but also has the characteristics of distinct layers, crispy but not crumbly, and oily but not greasy. Although it is a street snack, the method of making it is still very elaborate. There are many kinds of crisps, mainly onion ghee, puff pastry, and matcha tea. Shortbread, duck shortbread, fruit crispy cake, spicy onion shortbread, etc., as long as we master the crispy method, no matter what the taste is delicious.