Shortbread machine

Shortbread machine

Product Details

Shortbread machine SLBF-250 two-way pressed dough shortbread forming unit Product features:

1. The whole machine touch screen, photoelectric control, computer storage data, simple operation;

2. Fast speed, stable operation and easy maintenance;

3. Simple structure, high cost performance, suitable for small and medium manufacturers;

Shortbread machine consists of rolling filling machine and kneading machine. Compared with the ordinary shortbread machine, the main unit of this machine integrates the roll loading machine, making the whole machine more convenient and smooth. The contact part of the whole machine with food is made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure stable, reliable and hygienic production.

The main functions of the pastry machine are:

1. The control speed of the electric eye prevents the conveying speed of the conveying surface from being too fast and broken or too slow and blocked.

2. Double pressing surface wheels can adjust the thickness and width of the belt.

3. The take-up wheel and auxiliary wheel are rolled into strips.

4. The product length, size and weight have the function of synchronous stepless speed regulation.

The main technical parameters of the puff pastry machine are:

Output: 3600 hours

Finished product weight: 20 ~ 80g / a

Power: about 4.2kW

Dimensions: 3800 × 1250 × 1500 mm

Machine weight: about 760 kg.

The main features of pastry machine are:

1. The peripheral module adopts modular design, which can be changed by 270 degrees.

2. Don't destroy facial tissues, don't get hot;

3. The product weight and quality are stable, the error is not more than 5g;

4. Flexible production line (equipped with different peripherals, can produce different products).

5. Multiple tools can be replaced to produce diversified products.

6. The length of the specification can be adjusted.

7. Product weight range: Adjust the length and width of the product according to the product requirements. The product weight range is 12g ~ 660g.

Application and application scope of puffed pastry machine

1. Bread: French bread, butter red bean bread, meat bread, vegetable bread, bean paste bread, longevity peach, knife-cut bread, milk yellow bread, wheat bread, crisp bread, etc.

2. Cakes: crisps, wife cakes, mung bean cakes, flower cakes, chicken muffins, Su-style moon cakes, crispy chips, crepes, chestnut chips, meat buns, beef fire, purple potato chips, sesame chips, potatoes Slices, shepherd purse crisps, red bean slices, seaweed cakes, kelp crisps, etc.

Scope of application: Northeast crisp cake, wife cake, mung bean cake, meat muffin, various crisp cakes and bean paste, buns, etc .;

product weight 15-150g / piece
Production capacity 1000-6000 / hour
power 4kw
Dimensions 5500x1400x1450mm
Wheel width 80-280mm can be customized
Machine weight 500kg