Shortbread multifunctional forming unit

Shortbread multifunctional forming unit

Product Details

Shortbread machine manufacturers shortbread multifunctional forming unit

product description:

The model consists of a pastry forming host, a stuffing product machine, a kneading machine and an automatic tray machine, which can be used to produce Su-style moon cakes, Yunnan-style moon cakes, Jinhua crispy round cakes, wife cakes Such as pastry-like baked goods and other single foods.


technical parameter:

Product parameters

Shortening multifunctional forming unit

product weight 15-200g / piece
Production capacity 1000-6000 / hour
power 3.0 kw
Machine weight About 500kg
Machine size 4250 * 1300 * 1600mm
Wheel width 80-280mm customized according to customer needs