Open crisp machine

Open crisp machine

Product Details

Product characteristics: As a device produced by a pastry machine manufacturer, the cracker is driven by a special motor, bidirectionally pressurized, stable in operation, equipped with a protective cover, safe and reliable, with novel selection, solid and beautiful appearance, reliable performance, and strong automation Notable features, mainly used in the production of Danish bread and leather. Become brittle.

Picoband 600mm
power 0.75kw
Machine weight





Handmade pastry is a very good New Year gift. It is baked in the oven, divided into several parts, and placed in a beautiful box, which is visually enjoyable. Relatives and friends who receive gifts will be overwhelmed by the crunchy taste. If this is what you have just learned to open crisp, you may wish to use this exercise, you do not have to worry about the fat melting, the crispy shell can be easily pushed out.


Crisp is the key to making shortcrust pastry. After the dough is crisped, the fat melts between the layers, and the thin and crisp skin grows up and separates layer by layer to form crispy crumbs.