Egg Yolk Production Line

Egg Yolk Production Line

Product Details

Features of egg yolk crisp machine :

1. Used for packing dough with multiple filling dough;

2. The filling stability is good, the hardness is moderate, and the filling layer is clear;

3. Uniform size, high output and good quality.

Use of egg yolk crisp production line: egg yolk crisp, heart crisp, durian crisp, etc.

product weight
30-120g / piece
Production capacity 1000-6000 / hour
power 5kw
Dimensions 5500x1500x1900mm
Wheel width 80-280mm can be customized
Machine weight 700kg



Egg yolk is a very delicious pastry, usually sold around the Mid-Autumn Festival. If you buy egg yolk crisps outside, the price is higher, because the cost is higher, the practice is a bit troublesome.

First of all, the main raw material for making egg yolk crispy skin is lard. Lard on the market is nearly 10 yuan a catty. If you want to reduce costs and sell it cheaper, you can buy 100 yuan and 30 pounds of shortening, which is worth buying. Let's talk about the egg yolk. The cost of buying yolk for salted duck eggs is about 0.8 to 1.5 yuan. If you buy free-range duck salted duck eggs or sea duck eggs, the average price is about 1.8 to 2.3 yuan. Then the stuffing, bought in vacuum-packed or cooked for a few hours, in addition to different prices, taste and health are also significantly different.