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Hygienic matters in the production workshop of shortbread machine manufacturers

Shortbread machine manufacturers must pay attention to hygiene and safety when producing pastries.

Food industry hygiene is particularly important. Why are some potato chips moldy during the shelf life? How can manufacturers control moldy potato chips? Environmental hygiene pollution in mold production is closely related to humidity. Especially after the pastry has been cooked or baked, it changes the internal and external conditions of microbial growth, controls the growth of microbes, and basically meets the requirements of sterility.

If the physiochemical cup is unqualified after secondary contamination of air microorganisms, cooling and secondary cross-infection of hands, equipment and tools in the inner packaging stage, zui will eventually cause the pastry products to mold within the shelf life. Therefore, strictly control mildew in the production environment.

1. Humidity is a necessary condition for fungal growth. Therefore, it is necessary to control the relative humidity in the workshop of the pastry maker . Zui should control the relative humidity below 55% and the temperature below 24 degrees Celsius. To reduce moldy production environment.

2. Operator stations, equipment, and tools are all places in direct contact with food, so it is necessary to do a good job of disinfecting these places. After 75% ethanol scrubbing and disinfection, the disinfection of the ground cannot be relaxed, and peroxide disinfection or chlorine disinfection should be used for disinfection.

3. The operation platform, tools and ground should be disinfected once in the morning and evening before work. After work, the space should be disinfected with ozone and ultraviolet light. You should not relax twice a day.

4. In order to reduce the breeding conditions of mildew, the moisture content of the shortcake should be controlled, and negative pressure ventilation and dehumidification should be adopted. In order to prevent the mixing of nitrogen and oxygen, it is necessary to test the purity of nitrogen.

The shortbread machine is composed of a roll-filling machine and a kneading machine. Compared with the general shortbread machine, the main unit of this machine integrates a roll-up machine, making the whole machine more convenient and smooth. The food contact part of the whole unit is made of stainless steel to ensure stable, reliable and hygienic production.

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