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Introduction of Sanle Moon Cake Machine Production Line

Moon cake machine can be divided into Cantonese moon cake machine and Su-style moon cake machine. The moon cake machine production line consists of several machines. Next, Hefei Sanle will introduce the product equipment. Mooncake machine, also known as "automatic filling machine", is a device that can automatically mix fillings and noodles, then automatically put the fillings and good bread together, and then press into mooncakes. The moon cake made by the moon cake maker is composed of three layers: the marking layer, the skin layer and the inner core layer of the filling. It can be made into oval, oval, square and rectangular moon cakes. The marking layer is located above the skin layer, and the inner core layer of the filler is located in the middle of the skin layer. Beans, red beans, egg yolks, nuts and other ingredients are evenly mixed to make a unique taste and rich in nutrition.

This moon cake machine is the general name of the moon cake machine , also known as the moon cake machine production line. It is a set of multiple machines working together. It has a good machine sturdiness and durability. It is fully automatic production, which makes the product clean and hygienic. material. STD can control the thickness of the cake skin.

The composition of Cantonese moon cake machine is composed of filling machine, forming machine, plate finishing machine and so on. The pie machine is the first step in making mooncakes. Putting mooncakes into noodles and fillings in a certain proportion. On the control panel of the moon cake machine, the proportion of filling material can be adjusted, and the weight of each moon cake can be controlled.

The moon cake forming machine is to transform the moon cake embryo into a beautiful moon cake. The infrared sensor is used to fill the dough into a fresh pattern of moon cakes. Generally, lotus paste fillings and five-core fillings represented by Guangdong moon cakes are more. The skin is usually printed with lotus cream or five core characters.

Moon cake organizer is to make moon cakes and arrange them neatly in the prepared dishes or boxes. The number of loading plates for moon cakes can be set through the numerical control panel, and intelligently loaded into the disc to improve efficiency. Through the operation of a series of moon cake machines, a box of moon cakes can be packaged and put on the market.

The above is the combined part of a complete set of moon cake machine production line. It is the whole process of successfully making a moon cake. I hope to play a reference role for customers who need it for selection. Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specialized in the research, production and sales of various food and packaging machinery. The company's machinery and equipment involves three major product series, such as bread burger series, moon cake pastry series, and Chinese pasta series. We hope that customers in need can come to visit!

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