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Mooncake machine tastes better than hand-made mooncakes

You know, many people usually make mooncakes by hand now. The handmade moon cakes are slow, and the shape and taste are not very good. Where are those delicious mooncakes on the market now? In fact, these moon cakes are made with a moon cake machine . What advantages does the moon cake machine have in producing moon cakes?

First, judging from the taste of moon cakes, the moon cakes processed by the moon cake machine are very pure and very delicious. Perhaps many people think that the taste of handmade moon cakes is authentic, but in fact it is not. Handmade moon cakes always have many limitations. If the proportion of raw materials is unbalanced, the taste produced will be much worse. If we use the moon cake machine to make moon cakes, the above problems will not occur, and the moon cakes made by the moon cake machine will have stable and delicious taste.

Secondly, from the perspective of production efficiency, the moon cake organization produces a large number of moon cakes, short time, and high work efficiency. Compared with hand-made, using moon cake machine to make moon cakes is undoubtedly faster than hand-made, which is very suitable for mass production of moon cakes.

Then, people will inevitably have minor illnesses, etc., which will affect the progress of the work, but the moon cake machine need not worry about this problem. Because it makes full use of automation, there are almost no problems in the actual production process. Therefore, making moon cakes with a moon cake machine is better than making moon cakes by hand. Moon cake machine not only has high working efficiency, but also has stable performance and good quality. Generally speaking, there will be no malfunction during normal operation. This is undoubtedly good news for manufacturers who need to mass produce moon cakes.

(1) Process flow

The production process of moon cakes is very complicated, and can be roughly divided into several important processes such as noodle preparation, filling, molding, baking, and cooling.

The process of moon cakes; filling to make a raw material, weighing, tanning, flour filling, forming, baking, cooling and packaging.


(2) Operating point

(1) For hot noodles, first put the cooked, melted, filtered syrup, bait sugar and melted ammonium bicarbonate into the blender, then start the blender and stir thoroughly to emulsify it into a milky form. Then add the flour for the skin and continue to stir to make the dough soft and hard. After shutdown, put the dough into the funnel of the moon cake forming machine and use it.

(2) Filling: First put the powdered sugar, oil and various auxiliary materials into the mixer. After mixing evenly, add the cooked flour and continue to mix evenly, that is, the filler is soft and hard, put it in the filling hopper of the moon cake machine.

(3) Forming; starting the moon cake forming machine, through the cooperation of the feeding mechanism, filling quantitative mechanism and printing mechanism, moon cake green can be produced.

(4) Baking, after weaving the green body by hand or with the attachment of the forming machine, send it to the oven for baking. The oven temperature is about 240 degrees Celsius and the baking time is 9-10 minutes.

(5) Cooling, the moon cakes are high in water, oil and sugar, and the product just out of the oven is very soft. Can not be squeezed and packaged immediately, otherwise it will destroy the shape and appearance of moon cakes. Hot-packed moon cakes can easily create conditions for the survival and reproduction of microorganisms, and make the moon cakes deteriorate. Therefore, after the moon cake is out of the oven, it enters the conveyor belt, and after sufficient cooling, it can be packed into the warehouse.

The fluctuations in oil prices have led to a series of price increases, and labor costs have also greatly increased. Seeing that the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the price of moon cake raw materials has also risen. How to make consumers eat moon cakes with high cost performance has become a topic of concern to merchants. Mechanized production of moon cakes is the main one, and mechanized production is used to reduce costs under the circumstance of saving manpower.
Mooncakes are seasonal, which makes it harder for mooncake manufacturers to recruit people. Short-term wages are high and difficult to recruit, so mooncake manufacturers use mooncake mechanized equipment instead of labor. Sanle Machinery's moon cake production line includes: moon cake filling machine, moon cake forming machine, moon cake arranging machine, etc. It has a moon cake production line, making moon cakes is simple, quick forming, good effect, and patterns can be customized. Low investment, high yield, no need to worry about not recruiting workers, simple operation, convenient cleaning, it is a fine product in the moon cake machine industry.

Choose a mooncake maker with its own factory

Without our own factory, there is no preferential price for mooncake machines, and there is no difference between direct sales and intermediate distribution. The after-sales service of mechanical equipment can keep up, and only manufacturers have the corresponding technical and personnel strength to support after-sales service.

Choose the manufacturer of the moon cake machine with word of mouth

Sanle Machinery has passed the Machinery Product Safety Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Where can we buy a good moon cake machine? Sanle Machinery has both quality and price, and the market is obvious to all. For the production of moon cake machines of old brands for more than a decade, the price of moon cake machines is reasonable.


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