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What problems should be paid attention to in the production process of moon cake machine manufacturers

What problems should be paid attention to in the production process of moon cake machine manufacturers ?

to sum up

1. The popularity of mooncakes can be divided into Cantonese, Chao, Su, Taiwanese, Hong Kong style, etc.

2. From the different fillers used in moon cakes, it can be divided into hard fillers and soft fillers.

3. The shell of the moon cake can also be divided into soft shell (syrup shell), hard shell (water and oil shell), ice shell (cake shell), etc.

4. According to the sugar content of moon cakes, moon cake machine manufacturers can be divided into high sugar moon cakes, low sugar moon cakes and sugar-free moon cakes.

Cantonese Mooncake

First, produce Cantonese moon cake syrup. In the process of making Guangdong moon cakes, the quality of syrup is one of the important factors that directly affect the quality of the finished product.

2. Selection of syrup production tools: When making syrup, copper or stainless steel pots should be used instead of iron or aluminum pots. Because the molecular structure of iron and aluminum is unstable due to high temperature, a chemical reaction will occur in the syrup, making the color of the syrup black and affecting the quality of the syrup. Therefore, the long spoon used should also be made of copper or stainless steel. .

3. To make syrup, you should choose an adjustable heating method, such as a gas stove.


Fourth, the syrup needs to be filtered, so a fine sieve should be prepared. Care should be taken to choose high temperature resistant and high strength syrup.

Fifth, in order to store syrup, we need to prepare plastic barrels or porcelain.

Sixth, in the production process, we also need to prepare a harder brush.

Seventh, the choice of raw materials: In actual production, the quality of sugar directly affects the production of syrup. Even if it affects the quality of the moon cake, the moon cake syrup should use coarse-grained sugar with uniform crystal, uniform particle size and no impurities, and it must be sucrose.

8. The choice of citric acid: citric acid is colorless transparent crystal or white crystalline powder. No odor, extremely acidic, soluble in water, non-toxic. Toxic and hot will make the syrup sour. It also prevents frosting of syrup. It promotes the conversion of syrup. Making syrup and adding citric acid is one of the main features of making Guangdong moon cakes. It makes the moon cake return to oil quickly, with golden color and golden softness. bright. So citric acid should be of good quality, or use natural hard acidic substances, such as pineapple.

Ninth: The principle of making syrup:

1. When the syrup is boiled, the sucrose molecule is hydrolyzed into fructose molecule glucose. This effect is called sugar conversion. These two products are called invert sugar.

2. The syrup will boil after heating, and it will turn into syrup, which is converted into syrup.

3. Inverted syrup is not easy to crystallize, so the higher the degree of conversion, the lower the crystallinity of sucrose and the lower the crystallinity of sugar.

4. Citric acid can catalyze the conversion of sugar and promote the hydrolysis of sucrose.

5. When the sugar is heated, the disaccharide becomes equal amounts of glucose and fructose, which is different from the original sugar. The color of baked products is increased. At the same time, glucose and fructose have strong hygroscopicity, which can ensure that the product is moist and soft.

The appearance of moon cake machine manufacturers has solved a lot of problems for us who want to make moon cakes.


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