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Take you into the shortbread machine manufacturer, know about the shortbread machine

Society is progressing and life is better. All kinds of gourmet pastries have become popular, so what made these attractive pastries? Today, Hefei Sanle Food Machinery will take you to the shortbread machine manufacturers to know and make all kinds of exquisite and delicious pastry machines.

The shortbread machine is made up of two supporting stand-alone machines, including a rolling noodle filling machine and a kneading machine. Compared with a general shortbread machine, this machine machine integrates a rolling machine and a filling machine, which is more convenient and smooth. The whole unit of the shortbread machine in contact with food is made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure stable, reliable and hygienic production.

Product: Two-way pastry forming machine

Product features: 1. Whole machine touch screen, photoelectric control, computer storage data, simple operation; 2. Fast speed, stable operation and easy maintenance;

3. Simple structure, high cost performance, suitable for small and medium manufacturers;

Application: Northeast shortcake, wife cake, mung bean cake, meat muffin, various shortcakes and bean paste, buns, etc .;

Product: Three-way rolling dough multi-function forming unit

Product features: Three-way rolling pastry forming unit is improved on the basis of SLBF-250 shortbread unit. Shortbread machine manufacturers are widely used in Northeast shortbread, various shortbread, mung bean cake, wife cake, meat muffin , Pastries and other Chinese dim sum and burgers, sandwich bread and other Western-style pastry. The rolling and spreading of the dough device makes the dough more shiny and more stable. Filling machine and kneading machine can be selected according to need. The components of the whole machine adopt international famous brands.

Product: Egg Yolk Production Line

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