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Green production of moon cake machine

Nowadays, the public's voice for green economy and low-carbon life is increasing. The high-priced packaging design of moon cakes has become a commodity in the storm. Many moon cake machine manufacturers report that the price of moon cake packaging far exceeds the price of moon cake itself, which has caused many packaging designs to become beautiful garbage, consumers cannot afford it, corporate profits have fallen, and many resources have been wasted.

According to reports, the characteristics of the moon cake market are:

One is to basically control the price reduction of moon cakes and the bundling of gift boxes. In terms of moon cake prices, the market has generally fallen by 30%, and low and medium prices have become the dominant market. In recent years, the general phenomenon of gift boxes selling tea, wine, and watches has been basically controlled, and real moon cakes are closer to people's needs.

The second is the slim tin box packaging, paying attention to environmental protection, and recycling moon cake tin box packaging as much as possible. A few years ago, the packaging of moon cake tin boxes was mainly paper products, but there were also some tin boxes and wooden boxes. It is understood that in order to achieve the goals of "downsizing" and "environmental protection," companies have adopted methods such as reducing the filling of mooncake gift boxes with carton foam, using degradable iron box packaging materials, or adopting new technologies for air-conditioning iron box packaging, as well as some manufacturers. Ono cake machine has begun to collect moon cake tin box packaging for a fee.

The third is to focus on product quality, variety, health and new fashion. While paying attention to the quality of moon cakes, moon cake manufacturers also pay more attention to the development of new varieties of moon cakes, making it possible for fig moon cakes, corn moon cakes and other nutrition, health and fashion trends.

According to the characteristics of the domestic mooncake machinery market and the packaging characteristics of Japanese and American mooncakes, the packaging of mooncakes and even whole boxes of food will develop in the direction of brand-specific and green integration. First, brand specificity. After years of competition, the leading position of various foods in the food industry has been determined. Different consumers identify certain brands through their own positioning, while white-collar workers pay more attention to brands. Branded products are bought well, eat well, and serve well, and their special and exclusive consumer groups are expanding year by year. The same is true for moon cake packaging. The brand packaging structure is unique, the printing is exquisite, and the shapes are different. It can be said that it is a good partner of mouthpiece moon cakes. The second is green integration. With the vigorous development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers pay more attention to the quality of life.

Pursuing health and returning to nature are the main directions of future food packaging. Not only moon cake companies, but also food companies such as bread, chocolate, cakes, cakes, etc. have begun to choose pollution-free and pollution-free green raw materials, equipped with computer-controlled automatic production lines that are sterile, non-toxic, and free from secondary pollution to ensure the green "Does not change color. At present, this is a waste compared to the cost of making moon cake boxes. In addition, if handled improperly, these moon cake boxes have become household waste, affecting environmental hygiene.

The green packaging of the mooncake maker is the only way to pack mooncakes. Low-carbon production is also the social responsibility of every enterprise.

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