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Introduction of knowledge about automatic bun machine

‍ It is understood that people used to consider the use of functions, product design and intelligent technology when buying a fully-automatic steamed bun machine , but now people's consumption concepts have changed a lot. For the purchase of bun machinery products, not only to meet the simple use function, from the bun machinery products, the use of products, to the pursuit of a better quality of life. Surveys of consumers in 10 large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen show that high-quality, high-tech, and high-profile automatic buns are essential attributes in the minds of high-end consumers.

The characteristics of the automatic bun machine are:

1. The improved head of automatic bun machine, dual frequency, more stable performance.

2. The advanced multi-function bun-feeding and filling system fully protects the ribs of the buns, does not hurt the surface, guarantees the quality of the buns, and fills smoothly and evenly, no matter what kind of filler can make the buns good shape.

3. The bun machine is scientifically designed according to the requirements of pastry technology, ensuring the density of the product, ensuring uniform and delicate pores, elasticity and toughness, excellent water-based, the product surface is smooth and delicate, the pattern is neat and the taste is delicate. TE is smooth and far exceeds handmade buns.

4. The bun machine adopts humanized control panel, high-quality microcomputer control, accurate and reliable control, free operation within 5 minutes.

5. High degree of automation, accurate quantification, the same product size, filling ratio 20g-150g, can be adjusted at will, 1-2 people operation.

6. The bun machinery products are diversified and can produce various buns, pumpkin pie, mung bean cake, bean paste bags and other stuffing products.

7. Lightweight. The main components are made of stainless steel. Beautiful appearance, in line with China's food hygiene standards.

8. The structure of the bun machine is reasonable. The forming, filling, feeding and control boards are driven by independent motors. The occurrence of continuous faults is not easy, and it is easy to maintain and clean.

9. The bun machine has low requirements on the quality of flour, small footprint, easy to move, and suitable for various workplaces.

10. The efficiency of the steamed bun machine is equivalent to 8 to 12 workers who make steamed buns by hand.

Making dumplings is different from dumplings. Dumplings use dead noodles, and there is no need to consider gluten damage, so many people think that buns hurt gluten. Solution.

1. Make sure the dough is raw and cooked. Generally, the exemption time is 10-15 minutes until the surface of the dough becomes very smooth. But many people ask why we do n’t pay much attention to hands and noodles. If we use hands and noodles, you can imagine. We also need to mix the dough and roll out the dough. These are equivalent to the process of kneading the dough twice, but the machine is different. If you do n’t have a good dough, the machine is in the production of buns. There is no manual so accurate. .

2. Make sure to wake up the buns on the fully automatic bun machine. No matter how soft the bun dough is, how long after waking up, the machine must wake up the buns. For specific reasons, please consult our customer service staff, we will give you an answer. the answer is negative.

3. When steaming buns, you must pay attention to firepower, time, and sealing to improve the effect of buns.

          Problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of automatic bun machine :

1. The bun machine opens the mold cover and adds a small amount of smooth oil or smooth grease between the blades.

2. Check the positive and negative switching after power switching (ground shielding is required). Turn off the switch, let the machine run idle, and check whether the department is abnormal.

3. First close the forming switch, then close the conditioning pump switch, put the kneading surface into the bun until the bun becomes hollow, then adjust the bun button, and close the pump switch according to the proportion of the name tare required.

4. Turn off the filling pump switch, put the filling into the filling barrel, and let the filling material flow out of the machine head. Only after the filling pump is turned off, the supply surface can be started and stopped.

5. When the filling bun is formed by the mold plate, it is processed (for filling conditioning) to make the filling bun reach the required size and skin filling rate.

The operation of the automatic bun machine is simple and convenient, and can make various stuffing buns. About the operation of the automatic bun machine, a brief introduction: Put the harmonious noodles into the noodle bucket of the bun machine—Load the mixed stuffing into the bun machine ’s stuffing bucket—Start the general power supply of the bun machine—Turn off the bun machine forming switch— Turn off the bun machine's noodle switch-turn off the bun machine's stuffing switch-pull out the passing bun from the conveyor belt.

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