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Introduction to the debugging method of shortbread machine

‍It is said that in the ancient Song Dynasty in China, there was already a record of shortbread, "Fruit cake four two, honey one or two, white noodles one pound, search for a preparation, put it into a cake and put it on the stove. Or lard can be used, especially honey two "Okay", here is a simple record of how to make snack cakes in China. Although the flavor of cookies is very popular, the production process is not simple. For today's fast-paced lifestyle, it seems that handmade cookies have become impossible. How can we not waste time eating delicious cakes? You can use a shortbread machine to help.

         Shortbread machine is a machine for making shortbread, and it is also a common shortbread machine currently used by pastry manufacturers. Under the correct operation, the machine can guarantee a better puff cake than manual. The operator only needs to pay attention to the pressure adjustment.

1. Adjust the thickness, width and width of the two-stage roller and roller, the speed of the roller and the sensitivity of the probe.

2. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to match the two-stage pressing surface. If the speed is too fast, the skin will be pulled. If the speed is too slow, the skin will accumulate and become inoperable.

3. Adjust the speed of the surface roller. With the speed of the conveyor belt, the speed of the surface roller is too fast to break the skin. The speed of the surface roller is too slow to make the surface roller unsturdy or impossible to manufacture.

4. Adjust the speed and conveyor belt of the molding machine, such as fast cake embryo small, slow cake embryo large, and match the weight of the cake embryo.

5. Adjust the speed of the molding machine to reach the weight of the cake. Now open the filling machine, adjust the size of the filling port according to customer requirements, roll the filling column into the pastry column with dough, and then shape the pie.

6. It is necessary to adjust the size and filling rate of pastries. The size of the pastry can be determined by adjusting the speed of the pastry, the speed of the conveyor belt, the speed of the filling machine and the speed of the knotting and forming machine from the press wheel.

Previously, it was handmade, with good craftsmanship, and the baked cake was delicious, but due to the inconvenience of manual operation, some people may not cook well. Nowadays, the production of shortbread machine has made pastry making not only quick and convenient, but also a satisfactory taste.

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