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Brief Analysis of Operation Process of Sanle Shortbread Machine

In order to facilitate the production of shortbread cookies in batches, many people do not know how to use them. Sanle Machinery will tell you how to use the shortbread machine.

1. Adjust the thickness, thinness and width of the first and second stage pressure rollers, the speed of the roller and the sensitivity of the probe;

2. Adjust the speed of the lower conveyor belt and cooperate with the two-stage pressing surface. If the speed is too fast, the dough will pull the section. If it is slow, the dough will pile up and cannot be operated;

3. Adjust the speed of the noodle wheel to match the speed of the lower conveyor belt. The noodle wheel speed is too fast to smash the dough, the noodle wheel speed is too slow to make the noodle roll unreal or impossible to make;

4. Adjust the speed of the pastry machine and the speed of the conveyor belt. If the fast cake embryo is small, if the slow cake embryo is large, use the scale to weigh the good cake embryo;

5. Adjust the speed of the shortbread machine to reach the weight of the cake. Now open the filling machine, adjust the size of the filling mouth according to customer requirements, roll the filling column with the dough to form a shortbread noodle column, and then shape the cake;

6. The shortbread machine needs to adjust the size of the shortbread and the proportion of the skin filling, because the speed of the dough is adjusted from the pressing wheel, the speed of the lower conveyor belt, the speed of the filling machine, and then the knot forming The speed of the machine can determine the size of the shortbread.


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