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Automatic moon cake machine performance characteristics
- 2018-10-18-

    The automatic moon cake machine adopts man-machine interface. According to the graphics on the screen, it is easy to operate and can remember the characteristics of hundreds of products. The machine is durable and easy to operate. The main electrical control components are all from world brands to ensure long-term normal operation. Moon cake machine and Cantonese moon cake machine are used for moon cake forming in the food industry. The green embryo of the moon cake can be made into any geometric shape required by the moon by the stamping of the top and bottom of the impression. High, reliable operation and easy adjustment.

Performance characteristics of automatic moon cake machine

1. The filling machine adopts the vertical blanking method for feeding, which greatly reduces the excessive mixing of the filling and dough, and destroys the flavor of the raw materials.

2. The stuffing machine can be filled with chocolate, nuts, powder, meat filling and other fillings.

3. The stuffing machine can produce moon cakes, pies, fruit cakes and other pastries.

4. No matter what shape it can form.

5. The stainless steel body meets food hygiene standards and is clean and hygienic.

6. The touch screen is easy to operate.

Fully automatic moon cake machine , light and flexible, and versatile. It can be used in various spherical, rod, continuous rod, triangle and other geometric shapes. The weight, thickness ratio and production speed of the automatic moon cake machine can be adjusted arbitrarily within the specified range. Various stuffed foods can be double filled. Such as: soft-skin wife cake, fillings, moon cakes, crystal fruit, jujube cake, pineapple sauce, bean paste, mayonnaise, dumplings, meatballs, etc.