Automatic pressing machine

Automatic pressing machine

Product Details

SLYM series automatic continuous noodle pressing machine can be prepared for the bean bagging machine . Its product features are as follows: this series is widely used in bread, pastry and other baked food processing industries. SL-240 features automatic extrusion, turning, folding, conveying, pre-pressing, counting, surface spreading, face-to-face conversion, and automatic shutdown, which improves the dough extension and gloss, increases the dough's glutinousness and fineness of organization density. SLYM-350 / 500 is characterized by manual assistance, and the machine automatically completes conveying, kneading, pressing and folding.

model SL-240 SLYM350 SLYM500
Production capacity ≤1000kg / h ≤300kg / h ≤500kg / h
Pressure surface thickness 8-25mm 5-25mm 8-25mm
Width of pressing surface < 500mm < 350mm < 500mm
power 3kw 2.2kw 3kw
Machine weight 600kg 230kg 330kg

2500 × 1010 × 1460mm

1130 × 610 × 1060mm 1300 × 755 × 1240mm


The bean paste is mostly filled with red bean paste. The main ingredients of the red bean paste are red beans and sugar. Red beans contain more saponins, which can stimulate the intestine, so it has a good diuretic effect, can resist alcohol, detoxify, and is beneficial to heart disease, kidney disease, and edema. Chinese medicine believes that red beans can strengthen the spleen and kidney, strengthen the spleen and qi, strengthen the bones and strengthen the physical strength, so eating red bean paste can make up the deficiency, stop astringency, enhance immunity and qi.