Bread forming machine

Bread forming machine

Product Details

Product characteristics of SLBM bread production line series French milk flavor bread forming unit:

1. Touch screen, photoelectric control, computer storage data, simple operation and high degree of automation.

2. The use of internationally renowned brand electrical components, stable and reliable performance.

3. Modular design of the unit, multiple matching methods;

4. The surface of the dough is smooth and does not damage the dough. The baked product has a fine texture, uniform texture and good taste.

5. The product specifications, length and size can be adjusted.

Scope of application:

Purchase products such as milk and bread, jam bread, bread rolls, bread, Caterpillar, Danish fragrant shredded bread, etc.

Production capacity 1000 ~ 12000pcs / hour
power 13.0kw
product Length 50cm
Machine weight 2500kg
Dimensions 12700 × 1580 × 1500mm


Bread fermentation is a complicated process. Simply put, yeast breaks down starch and sugar in flour, producing carbon dioxide gas and ethanol. Use gluten to wrap carbon dioxide gas to form uniform pores and expand the dough.

Most people know that delicious bread is made from two types of fermentation. Long-term fermentation increases the flavor of bread, so some recipes use cold fermentation to obtain a unique bread flavor by long-term fermentation at low temperature. However, the cold fermentation time is not easy to control, and it is easy to cause excessive fermentation or insufficient fermentation, so cold fermentation is now combined with the seed method.