Double loaf forming machine

Double loaf forming machine

Product Details

Sanle SLBMII double-strand bread forming unit is based on SLBM automatic bread machine and developed according to customer needs.

Features: High output, small footprint, and low labor.

Scope of application: slender bread, milk sticks, toasted bread, meat floss, etc.

Production capacity 400 pcs / min
power 7.78kw
Dimensions 8010 * 1580 * 1500mm
weight 1200kg


The shaping of bread is also called reshaping, which is to make the proofed dough into the shape required by the product. Generally, the bread forming of staple food is relatively simple, and it is very convenient to use the forming machine. If it is operated manually, it will be rolled up by rolling twice and then enter the mold for compaction. The formation of flower bread is more complicated.

The final proofing is to put the dough into a warm room to regenerate the yeast in the dough and increase the volume of the dough. The temperature of the final wake-up is 35 to 38 degrees Celsius. The relative temperature is 80-85%.