Bread forming machine

Bread forming machine

Product Details

Bread production line Danish bread multi-functional forming unit Product features:

The production line adopts a combined structure, which can provide diversified configurations for the production of stuffed bread, croissants, croissants, toast and other rolled Danish bread; changing the configuration can also produce food such as pancakes, donuts and pastries. Automatically complete dough shaping, slitting, slicing, grouting, turning, rolling, shaping, conveying and arranging. The integration of light, machine, electricity and gas can automatically complete the molding of raw food materials. The components are adopted by internationally renowned brands. It is the preferred product for large and medium-sized powerful baked food companies to produce automatically.

Product Range 20 ~ 50g / piece
Production capacity 3000 ~ 12000pcs / hour


Host size 16000 × 1100 × 1500mm
Machine weight 2600kg