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Analysis of the function of bean charter

  The bean packing machine can make all kinds of stuffed foods such as bean bags, pumpkin pie, xiaolongbao, etc. With the rapid growth of China's economic development, the faster the pace of urban residents' life, the higher the trust of people in fast food, the entire society The demand for fast food has also increased simultaneously, and people's catering consumption concepts have gradually changed.

  In order to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and achieve leapfrog development of the enterprise, Hefei Sanle Company continuously carries out technological transformation of bean charter, organizes professional mechanical engineers, establishes a scientific research team, and develops and produces a new generation of bean charter. The quality of food inside and outside is good, and the taste is better than the hand-made products.

Hefei Sanle Factory Environment Appreciation

The main operation method of bean charter:

The improved head of the automatic bean charter , imported double frequency conversion, the performance is more stable.

The advanced noodle feeding and filling system fully protects the noodles, does not hurt the noodles, guarantees the texture of the bean bag, and makes the filling more smooth and even. No matter what kind of stuffing can make the bean bag forming effect better.

According to the requirements of the pastry process, the dynamic and scientific design is used to confirm the density of the product, thereby ensuring the uniformity and fineness of the product's pores, toughness, and long-term water retention. The product.

The machine is controlled by high-quality microcomputer and has a humanized control panel, so that the control is accurate and reliable, and it can be operated freely within 5 minutes.

The high degree of automation and accurate quantification make the size of the product uniform and the ratio of the filling and filling balanced, which can be operated by one or two people.

This bean charter machine can produce various kinds of stuffing products such as various bean bags, pumpkin pie, steamed dumplings, dumplings, dumplings and so on.

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