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Introduction of common sense of egg yolk pastry machine production

Egg yolk pastry is a popular pastry with good taste and suitable for all ages, regardless of season, but it is very expensive and belongs to high-end consumer products. The egg yolk pastry shop sells for more than 10 yuan, and the price of the egg yolk pastry varies. Egg yolk puff machine manufacturers produce food manufacturers, generally sold on Taobao Tianjie, each 6-7 yuan. Then, all kinds of delicious yolk cakes produced by these manufacturers of yolk cakes are made by the yolk cake machine . What about its processing procedures?

The cost of egg yolk

What is the price of egg yolk? The traditional manual production is generally between 7-8 yuan, the price must be more than 10 yuan to make money, and some prices are relatively high, which is related to the food materials you use.

Method for making egg yolk pastry (using egg yolk pastry processing equipment)

1. Making raw material of egg yolk, prepare flour, water, edible oil, bean paste, Xuemei Niang, egg yolk.

2. After reconciling the noodles, wrap the crisps, and then use a crisper to open the crisps.

3. Put the bean paste, Xuemei Niang and scattered egg yolk into the three hoppers of the filling machine, and then put the opened meringue on the main unit of the egg yolk pastry production equipment, and adjust the proportion of the filling by controlling the plc on the main unit And speed.

4. The egg yolk crisp machine production and processing equipment automatically completes the production of the egg yolk crisp, the machine production is in one step, and the tray arranger automatically arranges the tray.

5. Prepare the egg liquid, evenly coat the egg yolk produced by the machine with the egg liquid to make the egg yolk crisp golden in appearance, and add sesame seeds.

6. Put it in an oven or a rotary oven to bake.

7. Pack after cooling.

The egg yolk crisp production and processing equipment is mainly composed of a dough mixer, a crisper, a host, a three-filler, a kneading machine, and a fully automatic tray arrangement machine. Fully automatic high-efficiency production of yolk crisps, 80-100 per minute. The yolk crispy machine production equipment with yolk crisps can be mass-produced.

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