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Cake machine selection Hefei Sanle

  As the name implies, the cake whipping machine is from stirring and cooling to high-speed whipping. The entire system is composed of a beating system, a storage system, a whipping system, a conveying system, a refrigeration system, and a control system. With such a continuous wringing system, cake ingredients can be made in a short time. The stirring and sending are completed within a time, and the sent cake materials are automatically sent to the cake forming machine through the automatic feeding tube to ensure that the product has the same proportion of batter from the beginning to the end, which overcomes the roughness and quality of the products produced by the eggbeater. Stability, short retention period, poor taste and other defects make the product more delicate and stable, good color, good taste and long retention period.

Hefei Sanle Food Machinery's Cake Dispenser uses high-speed impeller, high-efficiency screw pump, high-speed dispensing head, inflatable squeeze pump and other advanced equipment and technology, which can make the cake raw materials complete stirring and distributing in a short time, and pick up the material pipe outside the outlet The sent cake materials can be automatically transferred to the cake forming machine, which can save a lot of labor and mixing time. The cake material sent by the machine has a uniform and stable tissue density, and the cake produced has a more beautiful appearance and a more delicate taste.

The cake machine equipment developed and produced by the company has clear positioning and excellent functions, and the overall technology has reached a good level in China. Since its establishment in 2008, Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has organized scientific and technical personnel to carry out a number of technical public relations and achieved a number of scientific research results. As of December 2017, the company has applied for more than 30 patents and has issued certificates. More than 20, among which 7 have obtained invention patents and applied for multiple invention patents; In addition, the center has obtained 8 software copyrights. The company adheres to the business tenet of "integrity and pragmatism, enterprising cooperation, quality assurance, customer first", advocates the management concept of "people-oriented, quality business", and uses good talents, safe equipment, scientific management, and excellent products to promote food machinery. The industry is moving towards higher and wider fields.

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