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Cake maker Sanle products

        Cake maker Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, an important science and education base "Great Lake City, Innovation Heights". The company integrates the excellent resources of food machinery in the domestic market, optimizes and absorbs designers and production technology backbones in the same industry. At present, the company has two mechanical R & D centers, a food development technology center, a large CNC processing center and multiple modern assembly bases. The company provides molding machinery and equipment for food production enterprises. Since the establishment of the company, with the help of advanced technology, Bocai has the strengths of many people, and has the courage to improve and innovate.

In order to meet the success of various cake series food production, cake machine manufacturer Sanle Company designs, develops and produces all kinds of cake machine series products: SLZG-R9 automatic cake forming machine, ZLDF-300 automatic cake machine, SLDS-150 cookie , Cake multi-function molding machine and other sets of equipment, what are the differences in the function of each set of equipment?

SLDS-150 Multi-Function Molding Machine for Cookies and Cakes

This machine can be used for one machine and it is mainly used for producing cookies, cakes and other products. Cookies can be cut into pieces by wire cutting device, and can also be used to produce a variety of unique fancy snacks and cookie dough. The cake can be filled quantitatively or continuously filled with the entire plate. Using servo motor, controlled by computer program, and equipped with photoelectric tracking, extruding precise height.

ZLDF-300 Cake Automatic Dispenser

It adopts international advanced technology, from stirring and cooling to high-speed sending. The whole system is composed of a control system of a beating system, a storage system, a beating system, a conveying system, and a refrigeration system. With such a continuous batter beating system, it can make cakes The raw materials are mixed and sent within a certain period of time, and the sent cake materials are automatically transferred to the cake forming machine through the automatic feeding tube to ensure that the products have the same proportion from the beginning to the batter batter, which overcomes the roughness of the product produced by the eggbeater. , The quality is unstable, the shelf life is short, the taste is poor, etc., making the product more delicate and stable, the color is good, the taste is good, the shelf life is long, and can save a lot of labor and mixing time, saving you labor, time and quality And management are guaranteed. This machine is suitable for a series of products such as human-shaped roasting, dorayaki, egg yolk pie, Mobao cake, meat floss cake, Swiss roll, cake, etc. It is the only choice for many large-scale enterprises.

SLZG-R9 Cake Automatic Forming Machine

This machine adopts the combination of fully automatic PLC control and touch screen to make the machine more convenient in operation, the mechanical limit device is more stable in grouting performance and weight, and the amount of grouting can be adjusted at will. The unique cleaning procedure makes the machine easier during the cleaning process.
This model adopts mirror stainless steel plate, which makes the machine more beautiful. The motor adopts Taiwan Yongkun motor, and all electrical components adopt imported Taiwan Delta components to make its electrical performance more stable. This model can also design the number of grouting heads and stepping movement size according to the size of the baking tray provided by the customer.

After years of research and development, the above series of products are designed and produced by cake maker Sanle according to customer requirements. The product can be used for the mechanized grouting and coating production of cakes, mills, soft breads, etc. to improve productivity and save workers' costs.

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