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Moon cake machine price

The moon cake machine is mainly used for the production of all kinds of ordinary moon cakes and exquisite moon cakes. The machine is easy to operate, easy to use and maintain, and has stable quality and performance. The pressed moon cakes have the characteristics of special shape and high quality, and are especially suitable for use by the majority of moon cake manufacturers. , Then what is the price of a moon cake machine ? Hefei Sanle Company, a professional manufacturer of various types of moon cake machines, introduces you different functions of moon cake machines, different supporting equipment, and different prices.

A complete moon cake is formed through multiple processes, from a moon cake filling machine, a moon cake forming machine to a moon cake arranging machine to form a complete set of moon cake production processes. The market price of a single machine varies according to style, function, efficiency, etc. The unit price is in the range of tens of thousands, and the price of the entire moon cake production line has reached 100,000, and the price of the moon cake machine basically maintains market transparency. Today I will introduce to you a new situation of the automatic tray machine after the moon cake production by our company.

SLP-188 automatic tray arrangement machine is the back-end equipment after the product package is formed. It is mainly used for the single product tray assembly line operation, suitable for moon cake, pumpkin cake, mochi, wife cake, bun (meat bun, bean paste) Package) and other products are arranged in a neat and orderly manner, which is an ideal and practical new type of arrangement machine for large and medium-sized manufacturers of various pastry products, which greatly improves production efficiency and obtains good economic benefits.

The automatic arrangement machine adopts servo motor as power, photoelectric detection, PLC control, simple and reasonable structure, and high degree of automation. The components of the whole machine adopt international well-known brands such as German SIKE photoelectric, Taiwan magnetic drive and servo motor, Italian SAMPLA conveyor belt, etc., to ensure stable and reliable products.

Then, I still want to tell you that the price of a moon cake machine , but it still depends on the needs of our terminal, stand-alone, the entire production line, the price range is tens to hundreds of thousands, this is just a reference, or you need to come to consult , We warmly welcome.

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