Automatic Danish pastry continuous production line

Automatic Danish pastry continuous production line

Product Details

Hefei Sanle Bread Production Line- ZLKS380 Automatic Danish Pastry Continuous Production Line

product description:

ZLKS 380 is a fully automatic continuous shortening production line upgraded by adding two automatic freezing systems (cooling system) and corresponding forming mechanism (make-up line) on the basis of ZKS380 shortening production line. The integration of molding greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost; this model is suitable for the production of a variety of shortened foods such as croissants, shredded bread, Danish shortened bread, dry layer shortbread and other semi-finished products Dough, etc., powerful.

technical parameter:

Product parameters ZKS380 crisp bread production line
Noodle width 380mm
Production capacity 2000kg / h
Machine power 30kw
Machine size 26000 * 6300 * 3100mm

Production process of bread production line :

1. Freezing system: the dough passes through the integrated freezing system twice on its own, the freezing temperature can be adjusted separately according to the needs, and it is truly efficient and labor-saving

2. Oil-packed folding: The unique oil-packing device can adjust the size of the oil belt as needed to ensure that the butter is evenly wrapped in the noodles

3. Hexagonal reshaping: Irregular noodles become regular and regular by the extrusion of the reshaping mechanism, the thickness of the noodles can be adjusted, and the operation is extremely convenient

4. Noodle pressing device: It is equipped with multiple rolling and pressing devices to eliminate the inherent shrinkage force while rolling the dough to ensure that the product is not deformed and the specifications are consistent.

5. Folding device: the dough sheet is folded into two layers to form a uniform layer, the thickness of the dough sheet can be controlled uniformly at 5-60mm, and the number of layers can be adjusted according to needs

6. Molding mechanism: The molding mechanism can be diversified and designed according to product needs to fully meet the production needs of products of different sizes, shapes and processes.