Handmade Pizza Production Line

Handmade Pizza Production Line

Product Details

Mooncake machine production line produced by Hefei Sanle Food Machinery-ZLBBJ-00 continuous production line

Product features: The machine's manual pizza continuous production line equipment is mainly used to produce traditional pancakes, crepes, mexican biscuits and other pizza-type cooked food products. The molding mechanism at the front of the equipment uses a heated mold to form a one-time pressed cake, without shrinkage and adhesion, and the pancakes are uniform in size. The central part is a gas-fired tunnel furnace. The scones are fast, even and non-sticky. A turning mechanism is installed in the furnace to allow double-sided scones. The rear stage cooling device is cooled by a fan and three channels, and can be packed into the warehouse after leaving the machine, reducing the accumulation of products in the middle. The electrical components are all well-known international brands, which are stable and reliable.

technical parameter

Type number ZLBBJ-00
product weight 20-100g
Production capacity

2000-2800pcs / hour (4 cylinders

1200-1800 / hour (2 cylinders))

Gas consumption 3-5kg / h
Gas pressure 6kg / cm²
Product Size 10 inch max
Total power 19kw (cylinder) 11kw (2 cylinder)
equipment weight 2t