Fully automatic pastry continuous production line

Fully automatic pastry continuous production line

Product Details

Hefei Sanle Bread Production Line- ZKS900 Automatic Danish Pastry Continuous Production Line

product description:

The ZKS900 shortening production line (hereinafter referred to as ZKS900) transforms shortening foods from traditional craftsmanship to true mechanized production. The production line processes the noodle blocks into a uniform layer of shortening noodles by rolling, oiling and laminating the noodle blocks, and on this basis, by configuring different modular forming mechanisms (make-up line) to achieve shortening molding Continuous production line, suitable for the production of crisp breads of different shapes, processes and sizes, such as croissants, shredded breads, butterfly crisps, Danish pastries, dry layer shortbreads, egg tarts, swirl breads, braided bread stuffed breads, etc. A series of products fully meet the customer's multi-purpose needs.

Different products require different forming mechanisms to produce.We design for specific products and match the corresponding forming device parts, such as cutting and slitting, stuffing device, folding device, cone roller, interlaced weaving device, rolling mechanism, etc. Moreover, the molding mechanism of each product can be easily switched and changed to fully meet the customer's customization requirements; the input patch width of this model can reach 800mm and can be adjusted according to demand, and the production capacity depends on the specific situation of the product.

ZKS900 全自动丹麦酥皮连续生产线