Automatic bread production line

Automatic bread production line

Product Details

Hefei Sanle shortbread machine manufacturer- ZKS380 automatic Danish pastry continuous production line

product description:

ZKS380 is a shortening dough production line designed and produced based on European equipment standards. It has excellent performance, flexible configuration and rich functions. The shortened dough produced by it can be used to produce a variety of foods, such as croissants, shredded bread, Danish shortened bread, dry layer shortbread and other semi-finished frozen open dough. Different shortened foods have different production requirements for shortened dough.The advanced modular design allows this phase to be flexibly adjusted in the rolling, pressing, freezing, oiling, folding and other aspects to ensure the output level. Even, high-quality crispy noodles.

Frozen shortening noodles: Semi-finished frozen shortening noodles produced by ZKS380 can be used to make a variety of shortening foods.

technical parameter:

Product parameters ZKS380 crisp bread production line
Noodle width 380mm
Production capacity 2000kg / h
Machine power 30kw

Production process of shortbread machine manufacturers :

1. Multi-roller rolling surface: Rolling device rolls dough at high speed to accurately control the thickness of dough.

2. Oil-packed folding: the unique folding device wraps the butter tightly and evenly in the dough

3. Sensors: Highly sensitive sensors accurately control the transmission speed to avoid patch breakage or accumulation

4. Folding: two folding devices, the level can be adjusted according to the needs, and the thickness of the dough sheet can be uniformly controlled at 560m