Danish pastry production line

Danish pastry production line

Product Details

The price of the bread machine has always been the focus of attention of the bread machine manufacturers. The SLKS-380 multi-functional Danish pastry production line has the following characteristics:

Adopt international advanced technology to complete automatic continuous production lines for pastry conveying, freezing, rolling, oiling, laminating, forming, forming, and discharging, saving a lot of manpower, improving production efficiency, and improving the stability of public relations. The product is of good quality and is an advanced equipment for producing Danish crispy products.

Range of use:

Danish croissants, shredded bread, natural yeast bread, crispy bread, scented bread, pine cones, donuts, pizza and other products.

300-1000kg / h
Puff pastry 370mm can be customized
power 30kw
Machine weight 5000kg
Dimensions 20000x4300x2900mm


Notes on bread fermentation:

1. The hygrometer is a good helper. Put them together in the oven, you can know the temperature and humidity in the oven in time, and you can adjust the temperature and hot water according to the needs.

2. If your oven has the function of low temperature fermentation, you can use this function to keep the oven temperature constant. If not, when the hot water in the stove is cooled, you may need to replace the hot water plate again.

3. If it is home fermentation, we only need to ensure that it is not required to accurately meet the above requirements within the temperature and humidity range.