Swiss roll forming line

Swiss roll forming line

Product Details

Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Cake Machine Manufacturer-Swiss Roll Forming Production Line

product description:

1. Cake sending machine, suitable for sending and conveying various cake syrups such as Swiss rolls and sponge cakes.

2. The grouting mechanism can be customized according to product requirements, and the grouting head can be flexibly replaced and adjusted.

3. Grouting machine, grouting head can be flexibly replaced and adjusted

4. Cake forming mechanism, can be customized rich forming mechanism to meet different cake cutting, feeding, rolling and other forming process requirements.

5. Filling machine, according to different filling process requirements, equipped with rich filling stirring and feeding device.

Product parameters
Swiss roll forming line
Power (KW) 10
Production capacity (pieces / h) 3.6 tons / 12 hours
Dimensions (mm) L17000 * W1400 * H2300