Automatic laminating machine

Automatic laminating machine

Product Details

SLFM-361 automatic film laminating machine Product features: This machine is suitable for the production of hand cakes and other pancake foods made by shortbread machine manufacturers , and is used for flattening and filming of cake blanks. Put the formed dough into the equipment, it can be automatically flattened, the upper and lower laminating machines are cut into individual products and loaded into the tray. The whole machine adopts optical, electrical, mechanical and integrated. The components are internationally renowned brands to ensure the product Stable and reliable.

Productivity 3600-6000 / hour
Product yield 50-150g / piece
power 0.4kw
Machine weight About 500kg
Dimensions 3300 × 1630 × 1400mm


Product operating instructions

After the device is powered on, the power indicator light is always on. Move the power switch to the right. At this time, the three conveying motors have started, and the speed is adjusted by the three speed control knobs on the lower side of the panel . Each knob rotates clockwise, and the speed is slow. . If the equipment has been ventilated and the cylinder position is at the working origin, the buzzer will not sound, otherwise the buzzer will alarm and each cylinder will not operate. When the buzzer does not alarm, press the green button of the host to detect the photoelectric sensor and the device starts to work. To stop the movement of the cylinder, press the stop red button of the host. The pressing time of the flat cylinder is controlled by the film pressing time relay. The thickness of the product is mainly controlled by the stroke of the cylinder. The cylinder adopts an adjustable cylinder. The customer can adjust it according to the needs of the product. This equipment has automatic stacking function, and the number of stacking is the value on the finished product counter. This value can also be adjusted by itself. After the total stacking, the product is transported to the designated location on the finished product conveyor belt to stop, the delivery time relay Control the running time. The speed of the three motors should be adjusted and matched, and the complete product shall prevail.