Automatic flat machine

Automatic flat machine

Product Details

Shortbread machine produced by Hefei Sanle Food Machinery - SLYB series automatic flattening machine is designed by the company specifically for cake enterprises, to meet the requirements of enterprises for the formation of various types of cakes (diameter and thickness), thickness up to 2mm. There are electromagnetic and pneumatic Two types are available for cake companies.


Model: SLYB

Production capacity: 20-100 pieces / min

Power: 0.3KG

Dimensions: 1740 * 530 * 870mm

Weight: 120KG


If you are interested in our SLYB-3 cake automatic flattening machine, please feel free to call the hotline of Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd. for details, to meet the various needs of customers, and can also be tailored for our customers according to customer needs. Customize various types of automatic flattening machines, and hope that new and old customers call to discuss business!

Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly provides customers with reliable quality SLYB-3 cake automatic flattening machine. After years of hard work and customer accumulation, Hefei Sanle Company has grown into a SLYB-3 cake automatic Flattening machine production, design and sales as a whole, our products have been trusted by customers after years of customer reputation, quality control, and after-sales service. We are convinced that every product is an advertisement, and we win better customer trust and choice at a more favorable price and perfect after-sales service!