Pre-pressing machine

Pre-pressing machine

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Safety operation rules of pre-pressing machine for automatic bread machine

One. Safety operation rules of noodle pressing machine

1. Before using the noodle pressing machine, the rollers and various accessories should be installed and adjusted in the event of a power outage as required, and the machine can be operated only when it is determined to be correct and firm.

2. When the noodle pressing machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to approach the roller with your fingers, and you must not send noodles and pinch the shaft wheel by hand during operation

3. Pressing rods, rollers, etc. are strictly forbidden to be placed on the pallet to prevent falling and hurting the foot surface or others.

4. Cut off the power supply after use, and clean the pressure roller and other detachable parts separately. It is strictly forbidden to rinse live equipment with water

two. Instructions

1. Rolling process: first prepare to stir evenly on the water and surface, and then adjust the two rollers to a smaller gap. (The adjustment knob rotates forward by 1.75 mm). During the operation of the pressure roller, the wet flour is loaded into the gap between the two rollers by the noodle hopper. The unevenly mixed particles are smoothed. The second is to increase the gap and roll it into Noodles, the seven front faces are reflected in 3-5 mm, roll them with roll noodles, and place them on the noodle roll holder.

2. Slitting process, push the noodle thread cutter to be cut into noodle specifications into the edge of the wire cutter, so that the gear transmission gear of the wire cutter is expected to contact the internal gear, turn the pulley by hand or move the shaft head with a wrench, and rotate it clockwise inward When the wire cutter is advanced and the pressure roller can rotate, it proves that the gears are well engaged. Adjust the noodle stick to no gap, and then send the knob back about .7-1 circle, which means that the thickness of the strip is 1.5 mm. At this time, the strip can be cut. The end of the dough piece placed on the noodle bucket support is led into the gap between the rotating two rollers by hand, and after two rollings, it automatically enters the wire cutter, cuts the noodles and hangs into the tray. When you see that the end of the sheet is bent and cannot enter the wire cutter, the elbow can be removed (the elbow is generally used for hard or thick noodles), and the operator should lead out the cut noodles in time and disconnect them. Put in other utensils, firstly switch off the power supply of the host when replacing the wire cutter. Use a wrench to turn the pulley head counterclockwise, the wire cutter can be pulled out. After use, remove the wrench.