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Arrangement machine

Arrangement machine

Product features of SLP-188 automatic arranging machine: This machine is the back-end equipment for product packaging. It is suitable for automatic arranging automatic bun machine for moon cakes, pumpkin pies, mochi, crisp cakes, buns and other products. According to customer needs, freely modify the parameters (column number, row number), the products after the arrangement are neat and orderly, the machine is simple to operate, stable in work, and has a high degree of automation, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Model SLP-188 production efficiency 1200 ~ 3600 pieces / hour 1200 ~ 10800 pieces / hour (double row bread) power about 2.0KW, 380v / 50HZ appearance size 1...

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Steamed bun machine manufacturer Hefei Sanle Food Machinery-SLP-188 automatic plate arrangement machine


SLP-188 automatic tray arrangement machine is the back-end equipment after the product package is formed. It is mainly used for the single product tray assembly line operation, suitable for moon cake, pumpkin cake, mochi, wife cake, bun (meat bun, bean paste) Package) and other products are arranged in a neat and orderly manner, which is an ideal and practical new type of arrangement machine for large and medium-sized manufacturers of various pastry products, which greatly improves production efficiency and obtains good economic benefits.


1200 ~ 3600pcs / small


1200 ~ 10800pcs / hour (double row bread)

Power About 2.0KW, 380v / 50HZ
Dimensions 1600 × 1580 × 1500mm
Machine weight About 460kg


Structure and working principle

The machine is mainly composed of: filling two-stage screw, forming head, transmission mechanism, electrical control and other parts. During the work, the stuffing motor drives the stuffing twin-screw to push the stuffing in the stuffing hopper to the mixing nozzle, form a stuffing column at the outlet of the mixing nozzle through the second-stage screw, and transport it to the noodle of the supporting equipment. Adopt speed-regulating motor to control stuffing to realize stepless speed regulation.

Operation process

(1) Check whether the voltage of the connected power supply matches the voltage shown on the nameplate of the machine.

(2) Extend the power cord, reliably ground the core with the grounding symbol, and connect the remaining three cores (two when the single-phase motor is configured) to the full-level disconnect switch.

(3) Before turning on the power, please check whether there are any foreign (debris) objects placed on the moving (rotation) moving parts on the machine, whether the platters are placed neatly, and whether the trachea is connected.