Fully automatic machine

Fully automatic machine

Product Details

This series of moon cake machine is the preferred equipment for food loading in the food production process. It is suitable for the automatic arrangement of various moon cakes, bread, pastries, midpoints, buns, buns, etc. The parameters can be set according to customer needs, and the product arrangement Neat and orderly, the machine is easy to operate, stable in work, and highly automated.

model SLP-166
Productivity 180 pcs / min
power 1.65kw
Machine weight 360kg
Dimensions 1750x2260x11100mm


Maintenance matters

1. Keep the workshop and machines clean.

2. When there is a sudden power failure, all control switches should be turned off and the main power supply should be cut off to prevent sudden power calls when no one is present, causing machine failure.

3. After each use, the machine should be cleaned carefully to ensure food hygiene. When cleaning, do not scrape the surface of the conveyor belt with a sharp tool, or directly rinse the machine with a water spray pipe.

4. Lubricate the transmission chain every week. Fill the grease with a grease gun about once a week. The bearing grease should be changed about half a year, all with calcium-based grease.

5. If an abnormality occurs, abnormal noise or motor overload protection due to sudden load and stop output, then the fault should be eliminated before starting operation.