Bread crisper

Bread crisper

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Shortbread machine SLKS-630 shortbread machine is used to make shortbread fancy pastry and pastry and other foods. It is suitable for melaleuca pastry, shortbread egg tart, shortbread bread, bakery and pastry shop, pastry shop and some need to make shortbread The canteen kitchen is mainly composed of stainless steel pressure surface shaft, seamless steel tube roller, imported transmission belt, special thickened gear, and is equipped with a large-area surface cylinder, strong click, simple operation of the wind field, energy saving and noise reduction, is a Taiwan can increase your turnover of shortening machine. It has many advantages such as durability, no slippage, easy cleaning, simple operation, safety and security, and space saving.


The machine is driven by a special motor, bidirectional tableting, stable operation, equipped with a protective cover, safe and reliable, with novel selection, sturdy and beautiful, reliable performance, strong automation and other significant features, mainly used in the production of Danish bread and pastry Open pastry for pastries.

power 0.75kw
Machine weight 280kg
Dimensions 2900x1050x1250mm