Shortening machine

Shortening machine

Product Details

The characteristics of the SLKS-520 shorting machine used by the shortbread machine manufacturer : the machine is driven by a special motor, bidirectional tableting, stable operation, equipped with a protective cover, safe and reliable, with novel selection, sturdy and beautiful, reliable performance, automation It has strong distinctive features and is mainly used for the production of Danish bread and puff pastry.

Belt section 500mm


Machine weight


Dimensions 2530x950x1200mm


Please use the correct usage method to ensure that the machine can work normally and prolong its service life when using the company's pastry machine manufacturer products. In the event that the user manual of the product is selected to be incomplete or inconsistent with the actual condition of the machine, or have any suggestions for improvement, please call or write to Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we will be grateful!

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