Flower kneading machine

Flower kneading machine

Product Details

SLFQ-100 kneading machine is a part of bread production line . Its product features: This model is a supporting product of automatic shortbread, hamburger, bun production line, and can also be used alone. After being rolled into a columnar face, it enters the guide sleeve of the kneading machine, and the kneading machine divides it into balls. It is widely used in the bakery processing industry such as hamburger, bread and shortbread and the pasta processing industry such as buns.

model SLFQ-100 SLFQ-120
Production capacity 2000-6000pcs / h 2000-7200pcs / h
power About 0.8KW About 0.8KW
Dimensions 940 × 9400 × 850mm 135 × 750 × 120mm
Machine weight About 180kg About 180kg


‍ ‍ Operation instructions :

(1) Before turning on the power, please check if there are any foreign objects (debris) on the moving (rotating) parts of the machine. Please clear it before sending power.

(2) Turn on the power switch, after the machine runs, check whether the machine idling is normal.

(3) Manually compact the front end of the noodle roll that was rolled into a cylindrical shape, and guide it into the center of the brush to let it hang naturally.

The finished product formed by the kneading mechanism will be output through the finished product conveyor. After excluding the first 3-5 unstable products, you can perform weighing, arranging and other tasks (and pay attention to the amount of filling in the filling bucket. supplement).

Weight adjustment can be divided into 3 parts:

① The weight of the dough: according to the appearance of the finished product or the thickness of the roller.

② Stuffing weight: You can change the filling mouths of different sizes and adjust the filling speed.

③ Properly adjust the size of the finished product: adjust the size of the time relay to change the length of the finished product.

In the production process, if there is an emergency, such as: insufficient supply of noodles, delayed picking of personnel ... and other situations. The emergency stop switch can be pressed to temporarily stop the machine. After production, press the stop switch.

If you want to produce the same type of products with different weights, you can adjust each value before starting the machine. If the production is completed, please turn off the main power switch to avoid dangerous events.