Cake machine

Cake machine

Product Details

ZLDF cake sending machine features:

The machine uses the world's advanced cooling, ventilation and high-speed whipping technology. The whole set of equipment is composed of mixing system, storage system, cooling system, conveying system, mixing system and control system. After stirring, the cake slurry is stirred by rapid aeration to achieve the required ratio to ensure that the product is well organized. Stable quality, soft taste and long shelf life are inevitable choices for many large enterprises.

Scope of application: sponge cake, Swiss roll, steamed cake, gold cake, magic castle cake, tribute baking, egg yolk pie, etc.

Production capacity

300-600 trays / hour
power 1.8kw
Machine weight 450kg
Dimensions 1900x890x1450mm


Whole egg pass, mainly used to make whole egg cake, that is, without separating the yolk and protein, the whole egg is stirred.

Ingredients: 3 eggs, fine sugar 70g, egg, egg, sugar mix.

Beat with electric eggs.

The temperature of the eggs is easily beaten at about 35 ° C. When beating, it can be separated by a basin of warm water. The temperature of the water is about 80 ° C. It should be noted that the pot should be separated from the hot water, not directly in the hot water basin.

The volume of the liquid beaten up to about three times the original size, the egg paste becomes thicker, and the level of the egg paste is kept at the edge of the container and will not continue to rise. Whip up the eggs so that the paste on top of the eggs can be pointed straight.