Cake automatic machine

Cake automatic machine

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Cake Machine- ZDF Series Automatic Distributing Unit Product Description:

The ZDF series automatic sending unit adopts international novel hitting technology, from stirring and cooling to high-speed sending. The whole system is composed of a beating system, a storage system, a beating system, a conveying system, a command system and a control system. The system enables the cake ingredients to be mixed and sent in a short time, and the delivered cake materials are automatically conveyed to the cake forming machine through the automatic feeding tube to ensure that the product has the same proportion of batter from the beginning to the end.

The machine is suitable for the production of various types of cakes, such as dorayaki, egg yolk pie, millburger cake, Swiss roll, sponge cake, meat floss cake and other series of cakes. The production capacity can reach 800kg / time.


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