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Cake automatic machine

Cake automatic machine

Product description: Motor Germany SEW frequency converter imported Danfoss sensor Eftor control system German Siemens inflation system Germany FESTO bearing imported SKF (stainless steel) Technical parameters: Product parameters ZDF800 Qifeng cake automatic sending machine power (KW) 51.5 voltage (V) 380 Capacity (pieces / h) 200 ~ 400 (protein kg / h) 400 ~ 1000 (Qifeng cake kg / h) 800 ~ 1500 (cake kg / h) size (mm) 45770 * 2520 * 2596...

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Hefei Sanle Cake Machine Manufacturer- ZDF800 Qifeng Cake Automatic Dispenser

product description:

Motor German SEW
Frequency converter Import Danfoss
sensor Efomen
Control System Germany Siemens
Inflatable system FESTO, Germany
Bearing Imported SKF (stainless steel)

technical parameter:

Product parameters ZDF800 Qifeng Cake Automatic Dispenser
Power (KW) 51.5
Voltage (V) 380
Production capacity (pieces / h)

200 ~ 400 (protein kg / h)

400 ~ 1000 (Qifeng cake kg / h)

800 ~ 1500 (cake kg / h)

Dimensions (mm) 45770 * 2520 * 2596


Please use the correct use method in the process of using our products to ensure that the machine can work normally and extend its service life. In the event that the user manual of the product is selected to be incomplete or inconsistent with the actual condition of the machine, or have any suggestions for improvement, please call or write to Hefei Sanle Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we will be grateful!

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