Cake grouting machine

Cake grouting machine

Product Details

SLZG-R9 automatic cake forming machine equipment is mainly used to produce cake grout and soft bread coating for crushers and meat floss. The equipment is controlled by PLC and touch screen, stepping, moving grouting and automatic cleaning. The number of grouting head and step can be customized according to customer needs. The whole machine parts adopt international famous brands.


Production capacity 1-12 discs / min

Air consumption

0.55m3 / min
Air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
power 0.75KW
Dimensions 3140x1000x1500mm
Machine weight About 500kg


Learning how to make cakes will make your cake more successful.

1. Flour sieving: In the process of making cakes, many people think that flour sieving is unnecessary. To save time and energy, skip this step. In fact, the sifting of flour is to remove flour clumps, make the flour more delicate, and make the cake not easy to dry the cake.

2. Confirm whether the cake is cooked: How to confirm whether the cake is cooked can be judged by tying the cake with a toothpick. If the toothpick is pulled out with cake crumbs, it is not cooked yet. When you pull out the toothpick, if there is no debris, it proves to be baked.

3. Baking mold powder: Give cake mold powder to help the cake demold better!

4. Fully mix the batter: the ingredients of the cake need to be fully mixed, but do n’t stir it too much, which will cause the gluten of the cake batter and affect the taste of the cake. At the same time, excessive stirring will cause too much air to be stirred into the cake, making the internal structure of the cake Evenly.

5. Vibration before entering the oven: Put the cake batter into the cake mold. The mold can vibrate multiple times on the table to expel air bubbles and make the cake structure more uniform.

6. During the baking process, try to open the door as little as possible or not: this is because after opening the oven, external cold air will enter, which may cause the temperature inside the oven to fluctuate and cause the cake to collapse.

7. Don't worry when the cake is out of the oven, wait for the cake to cool and then cut, the cake just out of the oven will be tender, and anxiety will destroy the shape. Especially cheesecakes are usually chopped after refrigerating at night.

8. Mould size: Do not fill up too much batter with the mould, generally put cake batter into cake mould 7-8 full. Too much batter will cause the cake to overflow and have a bad shape.